A Day in the Life of an eCommerce Developer

For the average consumer, buying a product online is easy. You simply add it to your cart, follow the checkout steps and boom! The product is at your doorstep. Web developers, on the other hand, know the process is far from easy.

As the behind-the-scenes people responsible for the overall function and programming of a website, web developers are essentially digital rubik’s cube solvers. From understanding Internet protocols, to staying up on UI best practices, to learning coding languages like HTML and Javascript, we know how much work goes into developing an ecommerce site.

But where eCommerce web developers really shine is in their capability to rapidly and effectively troubleshoot potential issues that could have a huge impact on a retailer’s bottom line. For example, while most shoppers look forward to the holiday season, we know that this time of year can be incredibly stressful for web developers. High traffic can cause site performance and capacity issues, which developers must prepare for and be able to rapidly fix in real time.

Other frequent problems include security breaches, website crashes, broken code and more. They solve all of these issues so well, the consumer rarely even notices.

That’s why we’re giving the eCommerce web developers who consistently save the day a chance to win the Best Save category in our first annual SUMO Heavy Heavyweight Awards. When these folks do their job well, the result is a user experience that’s so intuitive, you barely notice it. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be noticed for all their hard work.

Give someone the attention they deserve. We’re accepting nominations until March 31st. Submit here.

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