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Luxury Daily — 
 The relationship between social media and ecommerce is ever-evolving, and, if the results of a recent survey on social commerce from SUMO Heavy are to be heeded, the two are becoming increasingly intertwined.

Christmas Marketing Ideas to Make Your Holiday Sales Merry —

“During the holidays, when more customers are using your site than any other time of year, code should be completely ‘frozen.’ This way, it ensures that your customers have a pleasant, consistent shopping experience on your site throughout the holiday season.” — Bart Mroz, co-founder and CEO of SUMO Heavy

Mobile Payments Today: 2016 in review —

“The first thing all payment system creators must consider is how to make things safe and easy for the user” — Robert Brodie, co-founder and CTO of SUMO Heavy

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Download our latest consumer report, the 2016 Social Commerce Survey
This in-depth survey, the first of its kind, examines consumer behaviors in the social sphere that were until now, previously unmeasured.

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What We’re Reading


Amazon Prime Air’s First Customer Delivery — YouTube — 
 Amazon Prime Air has begun private trials in England, and the first customer delivery by drone recently took place. Check it out! online packages

China’s e-commerce boom shrinks mall shopping traffic — 
 China’s e-commerce boom shrinks mall shopping traffic — Chinese consumers’ demand for imported goods helps push the online sales surge.

Best buy

Pando: Three years ago Marc Andreessen predicted the death of retail. Does BestBuy prove him right or Amazon prove him wrong? —


Utilizing Virtual Reality To Revolutionize The eCommerce Market —

Instead of replacing physical stores altogether, electronic commerce is more likely to enhance the retail shopping experience by furthering physical shops across the world through integrated mobile ecommerce and loyalty programs.

Upcoming eCommerce Events

CES (Consumer Electronics Show)
January 5–8, 2017 | Las Vegas, NV

NRF Big Show 2017 Convention & Expo
January 15–17, 2017 | New York City

The 10x eCommerce Event
February 10–12, 2017 | Orlando, Florida

eTail West
February 27 — March 02, 2017 | Palm Springs, CA

Our Latest Obsession

Cinderella Story: Bill Murray is Opening a Caddyshack themed Bar in Chicago.

The Daily Herald reports that Bill Murray and his brothers are opening a “Caddyshack” sports restaurant in Rosemont, Ill. Dreams do come true.

[Golf Digest]

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