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Download our latest consumer report, the 2016 Social Commerce Survey

This in-depth survey, the first of its kind, examines consumer behaviors in the social sphere that were until now, previously unmeasured.

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Amazon Prime Air: How the E-Commerce Giant Is Expanding in Air Cargo | — 
 Expanding into transportation, from trucks to planes, is one of Amazon’s most important endeavors as it strives to lure new customers.

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How Will AI Impact E-Commerce In 2017? — 
 Machine learning and other artificial intelligence technologies will shape the eCommerce market in 2017 and beyond.

Amazon had its best holiday season ever

Amazon had its best holiday season ever — Business Insider —

Amazon had its most successful holiday shopping season to date in 2016, according to a batch of statistics that the company released. In particular, the stats illustrate the popularity of the company’s Prime membership service and Echo devices, as well as its rapidly expanding logistics capabilities.

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eCommerce’s Demand For Chinese Postal Services | — 
 According to China’s State Post Bureau, online purchases generate more than 21 billion of the 30 billion packages delivered this past year in the country. The year before saw 20 billion total packages, including both eCommerce and other parcels. And as Alibaba and are gaining international appeal, more shipments are going and coming overseas. Nearly 30 percent of the total are packages being shipped from the United States.

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Amazon wins patent for a flying warehouse that will deploy delivery drones — 
 The U.S. e-commerce giant described plans for an “airborne fulfillment center” (AFC) such as an airship or blimp that would float at an altitude of around 45,000. The airship will be stocked with lots of products.

Upcoming eCommerce Events

NRF Big Show 2017 Convention & Expo
January 15–17, 2017 | New York City

The 10x eCommerce Event
February 10–12, 2017 | Orlando, Florida

eTail West
February 27 — March 02, 2017 | Palm Springs, CA

Bazaarvoice Summit
March 8–9, 2017 | Austin, TX

MRC Vegas 2017
March 13–16th, 2017 | Aria Resort, Las Vegas, NV

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The Onion 404 Page

There’s plenty of good 404 pages out there, but this one takes the prize for creative copywriting.

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