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What’s in Store for the Ecommerce and Payments Industry in 2017? — 
 In conjunction with the growth of ecommerce, a shift towards mobile devices is all but certain in 2017, more so than ever before, as well as an increased availability of the internet worldwide to help broaden economic opportunities for businesses and consumers alike.

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Inside Amazon’s robot-run supermarket that needs just 3 human workers — 
 If you’re a robot stealing somebody’s job, it’s best to stay hidden. That’s what Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos appears to be thinking, as his Seattle-based web giant has contemplated a two-story, automated grocery store in which a staff of robots on the floor upstairs grabs and bags items for shoppers below.


Cross-Border E-Commerce is One of the Fastest Growth Opportunities in Retail, According to DHL Report — 
 DHL Express, the world’s leading international express services provider, has published research highlighting the significant growth opportunity for retailers and manufacturers with an international online product offering. The report — The 21st Century Spice Trade: A Guide to the Cross-Border E-Commerce Opportunity — looks in detail at the markets and products that offer the highest growth potential, the motivations and preferences of customers making international online purchases and the success factors for online retailers that wish to expand overseas.

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Google is helping H&M construct a custom dress based on your personal data — 
 Google is teaming up with digital fashion house Ivyrevel, which is supported by H&M Group, in an attempt to make data fashionable. The two companies are working together on an Android app that’ll track wherever users go, the weather where they live, and whether they’re having casual or formal hangs. With that information, Ivyrevel will design an individualized “data dress” users can buy.

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Why TV Still Makes Sense for Ecommerce Brands | CMO Strategy — 
 By 2019, more than 80% of Association of National Advertisers members will be doing business online, according to an ANA study released Tuesday. The group said the majority, or 74%, of respondents currently engage in e-commerce. “There is every reason to believe that these trends will accelerate, which will dramatically transform how consumers interact with marketers,” said Bob Liodice, ANA chief executive, in a statement. “These trends will pressure marketers to adapt quickly.”

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Amazon Prime delivery drone gets Super Bowl LI spotlight — 
 During the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it-moment in one of Amazon’s TV ads, a woman orders Doritos via Prime Air using Amazon’s Echo device. Echo’s personal assistant Alexa cheekily responds “Okay, look for delivery soon,” before a Prime Air drone is shown in the window. The ad also included a disclaimer saying, “Prime Air is not available in some states (or any really). Yet.”

Upcoming eCommerce Events

The 10x eCommerce Event
February 10–12, 2017 | Orlando, Florida

eTail West
February 27 — March 02, 2017 | Palm Springs, CA

Catalyst 2017
March 6–8, 2017 | Nashville, TN

Bazaarvoice Summit
March 8–9, 2017 | Austin, TX

MRC Vegas 2017
March 13–16th, 2017 | Aria Resort, Las Vegas, NV

The Register Podcast

In case you missed it, we’ve launched our eCommerce podcast, ‘The Register’. On ‘The Register’, we focus on the people that make eCommerce run. 
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Our Latest Obsession

Tesla model s red highway

Tesla Model S P100D scores 2.28-second 0–60 mph time in new Motor Trend test — 
 Tesla’s P100D variant Model S has hit a new low — a record low time for a 0 to 60 mph acceleration, that is, in a new test conducted by Motor Trend using a stock vehicle with Ludricous+ mode.

The new track test time, via Electrek, also included a 10.5 second quarter-mile, both of which represent new records in terms of measured sprints. The Model S P100D becomes the first production car Motor Trend has ever test that has achieved a 0 to 60 mph speed meter than 2.3 seconds, in fact.

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