The Marketers Behind Online Retail

Today’s eCommerce marketers face a variety of challenges from generating site traffic to customer retention to increasing the CTR on digital content. Each challenge needs to be solved with both speed and accuracy, as one misstep can drastically affect a retailer’s profit margin.

While we often talk about the overarching digital strategies aimed at solving these challenges, the actual marketers behind the execution remain a mystery. We want to shine a spotlight on these marketing all-stars because without their ingenuity, eCommerce wouldn’t be where it is today. After all, they’re tasked with convincing consumers to make purchases online, sight unseen, rather than the brick and mortar store where they can touch, hold and feel the product.

So we’re hosting the first annual SUMO Heavy Heavyweight Awards to recognize all the unsung heroes who keep the digital commerce industry running. The Most Innovative Solution category identifies an individual who solved a complex marketing problem by seeing something in a new light.

This award is for the marketing strategist who drove measurable results for the business. Maybe it’s the content marketer who realized that a retailer’s content with the highest CTR was on social media, so they expanded their social presence with new initiatives. Or it could the email marketer who identified the perfect copy and imagery through endless A/B testing, resulting in higher open and conversion rates. Whoever this person is, they knew that spending a little extra time on the customer experience would surely drive revenue.

Sometimes the most innovative solutions are the ones that may seem small, but actually make a huge difference. Just because these ideas didn’t win any awards… Oh wait, now they can win an award.

Go ahead. Make someone’s day for saving yours. We’re accepting nominations until March 31st. Submit here.

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