Those sneakers cost HOW much?

We’re proud to announce the launch of Stadium Goods ( Stadium Goods Is a premium consignment sneaker and streetwear marketplace, committed to providing the best consumer and consignment experience there is. Founders John McPheters and Jed Stiller have created an unmatched level of customer service in an underserved multi-billion dollar resell sneaker market.

This was one of our all-time favorite projects. The team that was assembled for the job was first class and got an amazing job done in a short amount of time.


The complex yet simple and elegant design was created by our friends at Gin Lane Media ( The design team made sure that the focal point was on the most important element of the site — the sneaker. Gin Lane is a believer in digital-first content and was able to bring to the site vibrant, dynamic photos that work across all platforms and mediums. Each section and interaction of the site was carefully thought out, creating an immersive yet easy to navigate experience for the discerning sneaker enthusiast.

Stadium Goods also operates a brick-and-mortar store, located at 47 Howard Street New York, NY 10013, and many of the design elements of the site were carried over into physical reality, reinforcing the sleek and recognizable branding wherever you shop.


We took the passion that Gin Lane Media put into their designs and developed a fully responsive site that represents the brand in-store and out. Magento Community Edition was used as the foundation of the site. We created a tailor-made inventory backend build specifically for consignment to make the platform behave in the way we needed it to. Since the sneaker is the star, Stadium Goods photographs every shoe that comes in the store at the highest resolution.. We worked with SG to make sure the images load quickly no matter what platform you are viewing the site on.


Net@Work ( was brought in as a technology partner to integrate the Sage X3 platform as the ERP. It meshes with the online and physical stores so that inventory is alway up to date in real-time. The biggest challenge was to make sure that we have a accurate numbers on the unique, serialized product. Each pair gets their own number and that is carried over from the physical store to the online store.


High-volume eCommerce sites like Stadium Goods need robust, rock-solid hosting. We recommended MageMojo (htttp://, the best there is for Magento. They are great friends of ours — and more importantly, they are friends of our clients, meaning they will take care of all of our client needs at the highest level. They are the most thoughtful, proactive host we have ever worked with, and we do not make partnerships. They are a long-awaited hero in the Magento hosting space.

The teams all worked as a whole to put all the pieces together quickly and executed on the promise to bring to life the best sneaker experience in the world.

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